Factors that change skin and cause problems are climate, hormones, diet, stress and improper care.

Climate affects skin greatly. Warm climates and seasons need more cleansing of oils and perspiration with proper protection and less moisturizing. Colder climates and seasons require gentler cleansing with proper protection and more moisturizing. So as climates and seasons change so must your skin care. Monitor for dryness or breakouts to adjust your cleansing, protecting and moisturizing.

Hormones dictate the amount of oil (Sebum) your skin produces. At times your skin will produce more oil and more cleansing is in order, other times dryness will mean increasing your moisturizing. For women, a monthly breakout means paying close attention to skins oil production and feeling.

Diet can affect our skins as well. Skin is a sensitive organ and reflects our well being. A healthy diet keeps our entire body in check. Sudden change in diet or individual diet sensitivities can cause skin problems.

Stress causes different reactions all over our bodies. So lots of good sleep and a sense of well being is good for our skins. Stay active and healthy to keep your skin in top form.

Improper skin care causes all kinds of problems so if skin is not behaving, a change may be in order. Your skin care should always be in review to keep up with the changes. No one skin care regimine will be good for all time. Nor what your friend uses may be suitable for you. Keep in touch and let us know when skin changes or problems arise.

Patch Testing when trying new products is recommended. For even the gentlest ingredients can cause irritation on some skins. Apply a small amount to the inner arm for a week to monitor for a reaction. If any sign of tingling or redness occurs discontinue use.

OptaDerm products are made of the finest ingredients available and made in small batches to ensure freshness. We recommend that our products be used within one year of purchase. If products are to be stored it is suggested you refrigerate them to keep freshness. Don't expose OptaDerm products to extreme heat or cold and keep out of direct sunlight. For optimum daily storage keep products in a cool and dry place.

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